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Manchester United named World’s Richest Club ahead of Madrid, Barca

Now for sports news.....

Manchester United have been named the world richest football club for the second year in a row.

The annual list of football clubs were complied by Forbes Magazine, the list sees the red devils retained number 1 spot with a net worth at $4.12 billion, while UEFA champions Real Madrid in 2nd and Barcelona in 3rd position.

Check out the 10 most valuable football clubs (in billions)

1. Manchester United ($4.12)

2. Real Madrid ($4.08)

3. Barcelona ($4.06)

4. Bayern Munich ($3.06)

5. Manchester City ($2.47)

6. Arsenal ($2.23)

7. Chelsea ($2.06)

8. Liverpool ($1.94)

9. Juventus ($1.47)

10. Tottenham Hotspur ($1.23)

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