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How 2baba and I settle our quarrels- Sound Sultan

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 Nigeria artiste, Sound sultan had a chat with Saturday Beats, where he shared his clash or fight with 2baba but later they had to settle and become best of friends.

He said:

The funny thing is that there is nothing that causes a fight between 2baba and me. If we have a misunderstanding, we make fun of it and settle it. That is the beauty of our friendship.

Whenever we had a problem, we make fun of it and resolve the issue. We argue and it is more like a hobby for us but we realise that  we must not always agree on an issue.

"We have never had a quarrel over women or music. When it comes to music, we connect greatly with our inspirations. We connect greatly.

Money has never been a problem between me and anybody. It is not that i dont like money but i  do not define who i am or erase some things about my personality. It is very important to uphold some things and stick by them. But money for money, it will only come and go".
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When he was asked about his friendship between 2baba, he said:

2baba and I started in the music industry a long while ago and we started, there weren't too many of us in the game.

We both started in FESTAC and by virtue of that, we always together. Back then, it was us living our lives. We grew to understand how we connected on different Levels.

Nothing can stop that kind of friendship.  


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