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The Mysterious Cave of Plato by Rector Goodness Nimkin

The Poem Titled: The cave of Plato by Rector Goodness (Aluta Rector) is coined from the mystery of Prisioners in a Cave who failed to see the truth about reality even when they had the chance to leave the cave.

Prisioners bound by chains in a cave for a very long time. One of them managed to escape and was marvelled by the beauty of nature. On his return to share the goodnews to his fellow prisioners, he was threatened to be killed. They rather remain in the cave than going to a false destination.

In the poem, the poet tries to elucidate his country men, fellows and humanity to abscond from things of no benefits coupled with the tragic happenings and neglects in the country and face the reality with adequate measures to do the needful.
Enjoy below ⬇⬇⬇!


Through shallow minds
Darkened like soot
The sun ceased to shine
In the cave of plato

Shivering shadows
Clothed in greed
Endless darkness from within
In the cave of plato

Eyes and senses
Soaked in blindness
Drenched with fear
In the cave of Plato

Fierce resistance
Behold the saviour
Neglegence they stuck to
In the cave of plato

One by one
Blood spilled
Throats slit
In the cave of plato

Rector Goodness Nimkin
Student Of English and Literary Studies University of Jos

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