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“If My Man Cheats On Me While I’m Pregnant, I Will Kill Him And The Baby” – A lady on twitter

 A Twitter User Kandi, has come out to set her terms and conditions if anyone wants to dated her should follow her terms and conditions.  

Kandi tweeted; “If my man cheats on me while I’m pregnant im killing him & the baby. Fuck that.”

 Her followers on twitter were shock about her statement on twitter and questioned her.

One replied ;

“What he did he did you wrong I take it personally because I grew up of someone that cheated on the most important person in my life so for me I see as he’s losing out on the best thing that would come in his life but all I’m saying is don’t take it out on the child.”

Another follower asked her; “What the baby ever done to you.?”

 In her response, she denied saying such that it was just a joke.


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