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Train crushes NYSC corper while pressing phone on railway in Lagos

Information reaching us, a female youth corper  was yesterday crushed by a train in Ikeja Local Government Area, Lagos State.

Her body was fought seriously mangled, was lying on the rail line yesterday.

It was reported efforts to drag her back was late when she was busy operating her phone when the upcoming train crush her.

“The train was not moving at a high speed. People tried to call her attention to the oncoming train but she didn’t yield to the call as she continued pressing her mobile phone.

“I was looking at her from where I stood and saw her with an earpiece plugged into her ears which made her unable to hear the sound of the oncoming train. Many passers-by tried to pull her out of the rail line but she ran towards the moving train which crushed parts of her body,” an eyewitness told newsmen.

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