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Breaking news: Herdsmen Strike Again

After surviving the day without any disturbance or trouble, Residents of Dong village in Jos, Plateau State went to bed unaware of the calamity that was to befall them. At exactly about 10;30pm, it began!!

The herdsmen struck with full force and without mercy, they attacked this unprotected villagers in the cover of night and although it is still unknown
the number of casualties involved, what happened last night was a terrible incident which should never happen to not just any Nigerian but anybody at all.

Residents around Rantya area which is very close to the village report that at about 10-11pm when everybody was getting ready to retire for the night, they began hearing gunshots which was immediately followed by loud wails and screams from the villagers who had no idea what or who had attacked them late at night. As usual, the herdsmen were in their large numbers and the cries of the villagers could be heard from long distances away. the village was unprotected at the moment of the attack which gave the herdsmen all the freedom they wanted to carry out this vicious act.

The Police are yet to confirm nor deny the reports in efforts to control the situation with uttermost discretion but we Nigerians need to stand up and do something. Sitting behind your phone screen lamenting is not enough so also is condemning these attacks on the television but not actually doing anything about it. These herdsmen have sought out remote villages without any protection as their prey.

Recently there has been wave of attacks across the  country from Benue to Taraba to Adamawa and Plateau States respectively. The question remains, what are we all doing in our own to ensure that this terrorism is completely eradicated so that Nigeria can live in peace?

As said earlier, the body count is still unknown as local authorities are yet to confirm it but updates will be given to you as soon as they arrive. May the souls of the departed rest in peace, Amen.

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