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A father rapes his 3-year old daughter and two sons

The Lagos state Police have arrested a 53-year old man  for raping his own daughter and his two sons.The father of three was separated from his wife long ago and was taken to police custody for sexual assault.

The man who was regarded  as a responsible father by people in his area unfortunately, he was not rather a rapist for raping his own children.

The Commissioner of Lagos state Police Edgal Imohimi, refused to disclosed the name of the suspect to newsmen in Lagos yesterday. The Police boss added, its has become a habit of the suspect raping his own 3-year old daughter and his two sons.

The CP said, the matter was reported on Feb 2nd by a corps officer  who lives in same neighborhood with the suspect, after the investigation was carried and suspect was arrested.

''When the arrest was made and the children rescued, the 3-year old daughter had sustained injury in her private part due to forceful penetration.  The two other siblings were also abused by the suspect, who is their father. Whenever they refused him penetration through their anus, he beats them.

''The girl had been taken to a hospital for examination and treatment, while the other two had been placed in temporary home,'' CP said.

The suspect, denied of doing such an evil act and say he didn't why people are lying against him. 

''I don't abuse them. I usually drop them with my neighbors when I am going out as I can't just sit at home and expect food to come.

''Only God will judge who is lying as I don't know why my children are lying against me,'' he said.   

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